Runner Spotlight: Mary Lou Harris

HARRC 2010 Female Runner of the Year

Mary Lou Harris is the Harrisburg Road Runners Club 2010 Female Runner of the Year. Mary Lou, a veteran distance runner, usually finishes in the top three of her age group in most races she enters. Mary Lou, who lives in Camp Hill, we won’t hold that against her, runs in a variety of road races over the year including the Harrisburg Marathon which she has run in four times. Her marathon times have been very consistent over the years, finishing the 2010 Harrisburg Marathon in 4:39:52 (2nd in age group). She ran three other Harrisburg Marathons, 2009 in 4:34:16 (3rd in age group), 2006 in 5:02:14 (3rd in age group) and 2003 in 4:33:22 (2nd in age group). In September she ran the Minich Half Marathon in a time of 2:03:44, finishing first in her age group and setting a new age group record. On the other end of the race spectrum, she also ran the Harrisburg Mile in the time of 8:02, finishing 1st in her age group. Mary Lou, a long time runner, didn’t start to run marathons until late in her running career. When asked how many marathons she has run she says about 15 or 16. She says about the only reason she keeps track at all is just to answer this very question. She will soon run in the Gansett Marathon in Narragansett, Rhode Island on April 16th, this will be her 15th or 16th marathon, or maybe 17th marathon, but then who’s counting?

Mary Lou, a pleasant soft spoken lady with a constant smile, participated in 15 Sunday club runs which include hosting two of them. Some of her best times at the Sunday runs are: 5 miles – 43:07; 4 miles – 33:51; 5K – 26:17.

She also enjoys down hill skiing, cross country skiing and snow shoeing, not a big surprise after spending a number of years living in the Buffalo area.

Congratulations to Mary Lou Harris for winning the HARRC 2010 Female Runner of the Year Award!

Runner Spotlight: Mary Lou Harris