Runner Spotlight: Shelly Perry

HARRC 2010 Robert Mahady Dedicated Female Runner of the Year

Shelly Perry, from Camp Hill, is the Harrisburg Road Runners Club 2010 Dedicated Female Runner of the Year. Shelly makes up what she lacks in speed with her sheer determination and heart. She usually finishes somewhere near the end of the pack, but the key word is finish, this she does in every race she enters. Shelly has completed runs of a couple miles all the way up to and including the half marathon. Last September she completed the Minich Half Marathon in a time of 3:04:48, 5th in her age group and the 2010 Summerfair 10k in a time of 84:48, 4th in her age group and the Run for the Colts 5K in 39:48.

Shelly participated in 17 Sunday club runs running distances from anywhere from 3 miles to 10 miles. The 17 Sunday club runs is not an enormous number but it is when you consider the fact that Shelly has only been running since June of 2010, which means that she has participated in 17 out of the 22 that there are online stats for. She can be seen in most of her races with a short, dark, handsome guy that goes by the name of Chuck. This very energetic, enthusiastic and faithful runner, disguised as a chocolate lab, is her constant companion. He only accompanies her on just all of the shorter runs, 10K range give or take a few, no double digit mileage.

She plans to continue to run half marathons, a little too far yet for her friend Chuck, as she will be running the Chambersburg Half this morning and plans to up her game a notch by running the Gettysburg Marathon in May.

Congratulations to Shelly Perry, HARRC’s 2010 Dedicated Female Runner of the Year!

Runner Spotlight: Shelly Perry